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Dr. John's VitaCrispCrackers
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Dr. John's VitaCrisp Crackers Welcomes
Store Wholesale Accounts .

VitaCrispCrackers are currently carried in stores
large and small across the US and Canada.

With VitaCrisp'snew enhanced flavors and longer shelf life, (as well as our new upscale packaging), this product fits in many sections of your grocery store, co-op, health food store or specialty market if you are looking to cash in on the growing consumer demand for healthy products...especially those that are organic, gluten and sugar free and fit with weight management, diebetes, vegetarian, vegan or raw food lifestyles.

Dr. John’s VitaCrisp™ Crackers are a healthy, organic, vegan raw food and are gluten and sugar free, full of live enzymes and handmade in small batches from organic seeds, vegetables, whole spices and love.

(For more food industry insights on marketing products like Dr. John's VitaCrispCrackers see articles below)

Wholesale Terms = net 15 days with free shipping
for orders of 2 dozen or more (any mix) for established accounts.
Cash/Credit Card until account is accepted as established.

For a Credit Application to become an established account,
call us with your store's information & place a first order.

VitaCrisp™ Crackers

PO Box 422, North Plains, OR 97133

503-875-8667 or fax 503-640-1603

To find out Wholesale prices for your store or
to recieve our free marketing packet which includes samples of all four flavors of
Dr. John's VitaCrispCrackers 
just call us with your store information at
or go to the Contact Us page
and send us an email.


VitaCrisp™, LLC Credit Terms & Conditions  

All wholesale accounts with VitaCrisp™ shall be cash, check or credit card upon ordering, unless an established credit account with VitaCrisp has been authorized. On non-established accounts, once payment has been verified, orders will then be shipped.

Terms on all wholesale, established, credit accounts shall be:

Net 15 days with free shipping & handling on all orders within the continental USA for packages containing an order for 2 dozen or more crackers.

Orders outside the USA shall be billed at the actual shipping cost with free handling. 

To establish an authorized store wholesale credit account with VitaCrisp™, LLC,
please fill out the credit application form (sent to you upon request) 
and mail to the above address or fax it to 503-640-1603.

Please allow 10 days for an authorized account to be verified and established.

All overdue accounts will have a hold placed on the shipment of further orders until account is

VitaCrisp™, LLC reserves the right to limit or cancel accounts that do not consistently meet our store definition requirements or credit terms as outlined here.

We look forward to working with you.


Healthy Regards, Dr. John



VitaCrisp™, LLC

PO Box 422
North Plains, OR 97133
phone: 503-875-8667
fax 503-640-1603



Hungry right now?
Can't wait to order wholesale for your Store? 
Click here to buy some @ retail to eat while you set up your account!







Fresh Picks

By Sara Wilson


Which food franchises will be flying off the shelves in the near future?
Ones that offer fast, healthy and fresh options.

Americans adore all things fresh: fresh beginnings, fresh outlooks and now, more than ever, fresh foods. According to a survey conducted by Datamonitor, the natural food and drinks market is expected to surpass $27.5 billion...and the number of natural-food consumers in the U.S. is expected to grow from 216 million in 2002 to 266 million in 2007. The bottom line is that Americans are no longer willing to eat whatever is easiest or cheapest. Better-educated consumers are searching for fresh, unprocessed, healthy foods--and this dietary change is fueling what we predict will be the next big trend in franchising: fresh-food franchises.

What's driving this trend? "The major thing affecting these fresh-food concepts is the fact that there's a [tremendous] amount of media convincing us we're getting fat," says Aaron Allen, CEO of Quantified Marketing Group, an Orlando, Florida-based full-service strategic marketing and PR firm that works with 2,000 restaurants.

Also fueling the fire is what Allen calls "the trading-up phenomenon." Consumers are increasingly willing to spend more for products that matter to them. "People would rather pay $12 for a martini than $6, because they expect a $12 martini to come in a different kind of glassware and be served in a different atmosphere," says Allen. "So the trading-up phenomenon plays perfectly into this shift toward fresher foods."

Meanwhile, consumers' hectic lifestyles are making it increasingly difficult to prepare fresh foods at home, says Harry Balzer, vice president of The NPD Group Inc., a provider of consumer retail information in Port Washington, New York. This is driving consumers to turn to restaurants for fresh foods.

Whatever is fueling this trend, we know that what consumers want, entrepreneurs are quick to deliver.

Oportunities for Retailers
from Food Processing Magazine

  • Offer a wide variety of nutritious products containing servings of fruit, vegetables and whole grains or seeds & nuts, including fresh, frozen, dehydrated and shelf-stable that can be consumed both at home and on the go.
  • Deliver multiple benefits in products aiding in weight management--such as reduced sodium and sugar. Products with weight management benefits (portion control, low-fat, reduced calories) are outpacing total CPG sales by significant margin.
  • Provide an attractive assortment of products with disease management benefits for high-incidence conditions, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes in markets with a significant portion of consumers aged 55 and over.
  • Offer nu;tritious products and convenient portion control products that appeal to kids.
  • Natural/organic products are getting a boost from a growing environmental consciousness.





Dr. John’s VitaCrisp™ Crackers are a dehydrated, healthy, organic, vegan, raw food which are wheat free, gluten free, sugar free and nut free, full of living enzymes and handmade in small batches from organic flax seeds, vegetables, whole spices and love.


Dr. John’s VitaCrisp™ Crackers are natural, healthy snacks and come in four flavors: Original Dill Crackers, India Spice Crackers, Chipotle Crackers and Nacho Chez Crackers.


Dr. John’s VitaCrisp™ Crackers are raw food crackers suitable for all vegetarian, vegan and raw food diets, as well as for those challenged by weight management, diabetes and similar issues.



VitaCrisp™ Crackers

PO Box 422, North Plains, OR 97133

503-875-8667 or fax 503-640-1603

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