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Dr. John's VitaCrisp™  Crackers
About Us

Why Dr. John developed his VitaCrisp™  Crackers


"When I began a few years ago to embrace a healthy "living enzyme" lifestyle, which centered around consuming as many raw, enzyme-rich foods as possible, I realized that I needed to find a substitute for the bread to which I was addicted." 


"The VitaCrisp™  Crackers are the result of a great deal of experimenting with various ingredients and preparation techniques.  My goal was to create a crisp and delicious cracker that would make me totally forget about my former love affair with bread."


"The VitaCrisp™  Crackers which evolved retain all of  the amazing flavor and vital life-force of the organic seeds, vegetables, fruits and whole spices which comprise them.  The seeds are sprouted for maximum enzyme action.  The ingredients are combined and then dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve the live enzymes.  This produces a wonderfully crisp, flavorful and delicate cracker which is so nutritious that I think I could literally live on VitaCrisp™  Crackers alone... with nothing else added."


"Once I had developed my first dill-flavored crackers, I began sharing them with friends and bringing them to "raw-lucks" in the area.  The reaction to the crackers went beyond anything I could have anticipated. Not only were my crackers raved about and devoured instantly, but folks began begging me to make crackers for them."


"So I literally had no choice but to 'go commercial' and start producing 'Dr. John's VitaCrisp™  Crackers' in a rented commercial kitchen in order to keep up with the growing demand."


"Even though I am making these crackers in increasingly larger batches, they are still made with the same care and love -- and the same high quality organic ingredients as were the first crackers I shared with my friends."


The only difference is that I have experimented with other flavors -- we are now making four flavors -- and I've brought in some help to enable me to keep up with the constantly-increasing orders."


"I invite you to try ALL of our flavors... and to share these wonderful and healthful crackers with your friends."


Original Dill India Spice Medium Hot Chipotle Vegan Nacho Chez

"These VitaCrisp™  Crackers are made of the finest ingredients: organic flax seeds, organic pumpkin seeds, organic sunflower seeds, organic carrots, organic celery, organic sun-dried tomatoes, organic onions, organic raisins, organic garlic, Celtic sea salt, organic whole spices."


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Dr. John’s VitaCrisp™ Crackers are a dehydrated, healthy, organic, vegan, raw food which are wheat free, gluten free, sugar free and nut free, full of living enzymes and handmade in small batches from organic flax seeds, vegetables, whole spices and love.


Dr. John’s VitaCrisp™ Crackers are natural, healthy snacks and come in four flavors: Original Dill Crackers, India Spice Crackers, Chipotle Crackers and Nacho Chez Crackers.


Dr. John’s VitaCrisp™ Crackers are raw food crackers suitable for all vegetarian, vegan and raw food diets, as well as for those challenged by weight management, diabetes and similar issues.


VitaCrisp™ Crackers

PO Box 422, North Plains, OR 97133

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About Dr. John


Dr. John Checkal  has a private chiropractic practice in Hillsboro, Oregon. 


He does nutritional counseling on raw and living enzyme systems & optimal lifestyle changes to improve health, including the use of suppliments, diet and exercise.


Dr. John is also a board member of the International Raw & Living Food Association & on the steering committee of the International Raw Foods Festival… which is a worldwide event held in the Portland, Oregon area.

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