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Dr. John's VitaCrisp Crackers
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Simply Wonderful!

Enjoy Dr. John’s VitaCrisp™ Crackers
 Feel great knowing that you’re eating delicious, healthy snacks.

No Cholesterol
No Added Oil
No Trans Fats
No Added Sugar 
No Flour 

No Nuts
Gluten Free
Dairy Free 
All Natural
Made With Love 

“The VitaCrisp™ crackers are the best tasting crackers I’ve ever eaten!” LS, Ptld 


Served alone

or topped with your favorite spreads,

Dr. John’s VitaCrisp™ Crackers

are simply delicious.





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Dr. John’s VitaCrisp™ Crackers are a dehydrated, healthy, organic, vegan, raw food which are wheat free, gluten free, sugar free and nut free, full of living enzymes and handmade in small batches from organic flax seeds, vegetables, spices and love.


Dr. John’s VitaCrisp™ Crackers are natural, healthy snacks and come in four flavors: Original Dill Crackers, India Spice Crackers, Chipotle Crackers and Nacho Chez Crackers.


Dr. John’s VitaCrisp™ Crackers are raw food crackers suitable for all vegetarian, vegan and raw food diets, as well as for those challenged by weight management, diabetes and similar issues.


VitaCrisp™ Crackers

PO Box 422, North Plains, OR 97133

503-875-8667 or fax 503-640-1603

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